5 DIY Drywall Designs to Try in Your Living Room

by Everleigh
DIY Drywall Designs to Try in Your Living Room

In order to create a comfortable home, it takes more than just choosing a color scheme—you also need to consider how the design of the room will look from every angle.

 DIY drywall designs can be used on any wall, and they’re an inexpensive way to create the perfect, unique design. In this article we will show you 5 drywall designs to help inspire your next project. This is an excellent DIY design that will make your room stand out and look more modern. The best thing about this design is that it will add a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home without breaking the bank.

If you are looking to spruce up a boring wall in your house, or maybe you want to make your wall look more like a painting, you will find five great DIY drywall designs here.

Industrial Wall Design

The industrial design is one of the most popular and most used designs. It is a great way to create an effective wall that will not only be eye-catching but will also add value to your home.

Industrial design is a great way to transform your room into a unique one. When you have a special design, it gives you a good feeling to see it. Your room is the place where you spend most of your time in a day, so why not make it more comfortable and interesting.

The best part of having a great room is that you can easily update it to suit your needs. You can do this by using industrial design to create an effective room that will not only be eye-catching but will also add value to your home. This will make you feel good about your room because it will give you a sense of pride and achievement when it is finished.

It’s also a good idea to think about what kind of room you want to create in your home. For example, you could go for an office, dining room, living room, bedroom, or even a bathroom. The next step is to choose a design that will go well with the rest of your room. There are lots of designs available such as metal, wood, and glass, just to name a few. It’s best if you have someone help you create a design because it can be quite overwhelming at first. You should also keep in mind that your choice of material must be compatible with the space where you will place it.

Modern Wall with a Distressed Look

DIY Drywall Designs to Try in Your Living Room

This modern wall design is great for those who love contemporary, modern design but are looking for a more unique look. This wall features a distressed paint finish, which gives the wall a unique look that’s not often seen. The colors in this wall also add to the uniqueness of the design.

Drywall Arches

Drywall arches can be a great way to give your walls some style and to make them look more interesting. To create these arches, you need to use drywall tape which is available in many different styles. 

There are two ways you can create your own arches. You can either use drywall nails or you can use a power tool to cut it. I prefer the power tool because it doesn’t take much time. In case you want to do the arches on your own, you should start with a piece of plywood. You need to cut it so that you have an arched shape.

You can make the arch by using a jigsaw. Next, you need to make sure that the edge of the piece is smooth. You can sand down the edges with a hand sander if they are not smooth enough. After that, you should make a mark where you want your arches to be and then drill a hole there. You can either drill it by using a power drill or a hand drill. Then, you should add screws to keep the piece together.

Decorative partitions made of plasterboard

Creating a partition from drywall is a great way to divide up a large room and provide some privacy. However, the look of the partition can be improved with a bit of creativity. Instead of using a single sheet of drywall as a wall, you can use multiple sheets and attach them together with screws or nails. This technique will create a decorative partition that will look great in your home. 

Creating a niche with wood accents as seen in the photo above is a great way to add a unique touch to a room. For this project, you will need to gather supplies such as screws, a drill, a jigsaw, a saw, a hammer, and a nail gun. You will also need a to choose the type of wood, we recommend maple, birch, or cherry. 

Shelves and shelving from plasterboard

To create shelves you will need a plasterboard (or plasterboard moulding) that is about 50cm wide. The easiest way to do this is to get a piece of paper and trace around a standard shelf. In the video below it shows how to create drywall shelves using only 3 tools.

Bonus Idea: Drywall Vertical Frames

Drywall Verical Frames

Adding vertical frames from floor to ceiling will give your room a sense of depth and provide an additional focal point. You can paint the drywall frames white to match the walls, which is a great way to make a room look more spacious. If you are looking to pull out accent colors of your room, add a splash of color to the frames.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a creative and unique way to spice up your living room design, consider using drywall for your walls. There are numerous DIY ideas to make use of this wall material. For example, you can build custom shelves using drywall. You can also create unique shelving with drywall. You can even create an area where you can display collectibles or small personal items.

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